Band Members


Vampire State Building was:

JKBSN: Stig Jakobsen (vocals, songwriting)
LJNGGRN: Erik Ljunggren (programming, songwriting)
PRDD: Kai Nicolai Priddy (guitar)
BRGSN: Jim Ivan Bergsten (guitar)
HGN: Aksel Hagen Tjora (drums)
VRVN: Stine Varvin (vocals)
BRTHN: Carl Braathen (drums)


Stig Jakobsen went on to play in The Lonely Crowd, whose EPs and a previously unreleased album will be released in 2007. He lived in London, where he studied social anthropology and continued to work as a journalist and make music. He is now editor in chief of the Norwegian edition of FHM, and is also a reporter and moderator on Norway's TV2 youth program Sone 2.

Erik Ljunggren formed Zeromancer in 1999 with members of Seigmen, with whom he had worked extensively during and after the VSB days. He has an ever-growing list of studio credits such as mixing, programming and producing to his name. He has also made music for various dance performances as a solo artist, and is currently studying sound design for film.

Kai Nicolai Priddy works at the National Theatre in Oslo. In the late '90s he acted in two short films made by Tumble Wine Films and played bass and guitar on Kari Rueslåtten's Spindelsinn album. He runs the Abacus Free Astrology Services website, which offers scripts that create astrological birth charts. He programmed these scripts himself.

Jim Ivan Bergsten and Lars Sørensen (Lars replaced Aksel in VSB but does not appear on any of their released recordings) are members of Red Harvest, an experimental metal band with industrial and electronic elements that is a veteran of the metal scene. The well-respected band, which has been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy, has a loyal cult following. Their albums have been released in Europe, North America and South America.

Aksel Hagen Tjora also played in Art by Machinery, and his current bands include Duper and SkrÝmt. He is now an associate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and has an impressive list of research articles regarding aspects of sociology and medicine to his name. His interest in music leads him to research the technology of music making.

Stine Varvin is an actress with numerous TV, film, and theater credits, including the film Andreaskorset (2004), short film "Kjell Universell" (2003), play "Roe Head" (2004), and the TV series "Brigaden" (2002) and "Offshore" (1996 - 1998). She sang on Friko's Burglar Ballads (2003) album.

Carl Braathen previously played in the thrash metal band Conceptor, from which two other members went on to form Gothminister. He died in the summer of 2005.


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