Frankie Say: No More! coverFrankie Say: No More! back cover

Frankie Say: No More!

Ikon: Ikon 004
Released in 1993
Packaging: Jewelcase

  1. Two Tribes  [3.21]
  2. An Eye for a Tooth  [3.28]
  3. Zorro  [6.20]

vox: JKBSN
git: PRDD
git: BRGSN
drm: HGN

flu: Ivar Winther
backing vox: Camilla Fearnley

«Are we living in
a land where sex
and horror are
the new gods?»


The title, style of cover text, and cover theme are references to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and "Two Tribes" is a cover of their song. Vampire State Building made a video for this version of the song in 1993.

Ikon was Norwegian band Seigmen's record label. Erik Ljunggren would later work closely with the band, producing, mixing, writing, and performing with them, becoming in effect their sixth member.

50 Hz Broken cover50 Hz Broken back cover

50 Hz Broken

CD album
Progress Records/Maxinehead: Head 1
Released 15 April 1994
Packaging: Jewelcase

  1. An Eye for a Tooth  [3.27]
  2. A Tooth for an Eye  [5.17]
  3. Manow  [3.44]
  4. The Sage  [9.15]
  5. Act of Heroism  [6.15]
  6. Nothing is Clear to Me  [4.26]
  7. Sperminator  [4.54]
  8. Two Tribes  [5.23]
  9. Monotonia  [6.52]

gtr: PRDD
gtr: BRGSN
drm: HGN

Arranged, produced, and mixed by VSB

mus 1, 2, 7, 9: jkbsn
mus 3, 4, 5, 6: ljnggrn
txt 1, 2, 7, 9: jkbsn
txt 3, 4: ljnggrn
txt 5, 6: ljnggrn/jkbsn
mus/txt 8: fgth

Add vox:
Alex Møklebust (9)
Camilla Fearnley (8)
Siv Eide (7)
Christina Dammen (6)

Annie Tangberg (4)
Ivar Winther (8)


"The Sage" is followed by 3 minutes of silence during which the timer counts down to the next song.

The album is dedicated to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Words and lyrics from the liner notes of 50 Hz Broken.

nXt covernXt back cover


Progress Records/Maxinehead: Head 3
Released 12 May 1995
Packaging: Slimline jewelcase

  1. Smalltown Boy (Sell Out Edit)  [4.11]
  2. Blueback  [4.42]
  3. Body Cold  [4.11]
  4. Marchland  [3.57]

VSB: prdd, jkbsn, vrvn, ljnggrn, brthn.

Smalltown Boy - Sommerville/Steinbachek/Bronski
Blueback - Ljunggren
Body Cold - Jakobsen
Marchland - Ljunggren

Additional vox on Blueback: Christina Dammen. Drums on Body Cold: Aksel Hagen.


"Smalltown Boy" is a cover of the Bronski Beat song. The song was a hit on Norwegian radio in spring of 1995, and its video still receives occassional airplay.

Erik Ljunggren's band Zeromancer mimicked the intro style of "Body Cold" on their 2000 song "Split Seconds."

The new members of VSB are Stine Varvin (vocals) and Carl Bråthen (drums).

Other Vampire State Building Songs

John Wayne's World: Released in 1993 on the Farger, evig lykke og litt oppover i etasjene compilation.
Morning Ritual: Released in 1995 on the Progress Yourself compilation.
1000 Dreams: Released in 1996 on the Machine Heads and Heavenly Voices Part Four compilations.
Måneland: Released in 1996 on the Ellediller & Krokofanter compilation; a cover of the Knutsen and Ludvigsen song.

Compilation Appearances

Farger, evig lykke og litt oppover i etasjene

Various artists
Kulturinstitusjonen Piivv: PG03
Released in 1993
Packaging: Jewelcase

  1. Mormor & de 8000 ungene - En kveld jeg var helt alene hjemme
  2. Gul Tyv - Tårenes tre
  3. Ym:Stammen - Røyk fra kausisk soda
  4. Adrian Cox - Adrian reiser seg
  5. Uren Luren - Hjuringstev
  6. P.O. Latvia - Smake på
  7. Coalmine:5 - Den evige matros
  8. Mormor & de 8000 ungene - Tore Torell
  9. Indiske kugutter - Euroglider
  10. Vampire State Building - John Wayne's World  [3.40]
  11. Johnny Yen - Jah ja
  12. Kitch - Mangwani
  13. Mind the Gap - Cold Winter Sun
  14. Egil Hjorteset - Vakre kvinne
  15. Adrian Cox - Fortell noe
  16. Waldemar Hepstein - Kapitalistene i Italia
  17. Knut Erik Tveit Band - En sommerdag
  18. P.O. Latvia - Velger å vente på
  19. Coalmine:5 - Australlegeme
  20. Mormor & de 8000 ungene - Mormor & Harald
  21. The Psycho Halvorsen Brothers - Krimpelingardeng-sangen

The CD was made to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Kulturinstitusjonen Piivv.

Big Fish From Norway 1994

Various artists
Fono Ekte Norsk: No catalog number
Released in 1994
Packaging: Digipack


  1. Silje Vige - Alle mine tankar
  2. Borhaug - Fager Kveldsol Smiler
  3. Karl Seglem - RIT
  4. Eriksen - Bound by Love
  5. Campfire Combo - The Power of Hate
  6. Roger Midtsian - Tonight
  7. Irie Darlings - Tribulation
  8. Jan Arild Sørnes - Back in Line
  9. Jonas Fjeld - Drink of Water
  10. Tacoma Bridge - Tacoma Bridge
  11. Cosmic Young - Flame
  12. D.I.M. - Dig This
  13. Wanted - 30 Pieces of Silver


  1. Funny Farm - Abused
  2. Israelvis - Mutilation
  3. Equinox - Dedicated
  4. Vampire State Building - Manow  [3.43]
  5. The Shire - Veiled Dog
  6. Red Harvest - Mastodont
  7. 3'rd and the Mortal - Ring of Fire
  8. Motorpsycho - Another Ugly Time
  9. Hedge Hog - Crush
  10. Run Dog Run - Joanne
  11. Superskill - Superweed
  12. Albino Slug - Vaffel
  13. Origami Teknika - Vedi

From the CD:
Not Vampire State Building

Vampire State Building is one of the most original new bands from Oslo. Mixing elements from goth, techno, and metal, they have received great attention for their debut album 50 Hz Broken and for their spectacular live shows. Vampire State Building will tour Europe this fall.

There is a strange photo accompanying Vampire State Building's entry in the CD:

The Mighty Moon: Kyrandia's Second Gate

Various artists
Music Research Special Products: MRSP 003
Released in 1994
Packaging: Jewelcase

  1. Elycia - Solitude
  2. Canticum Funebris - (If I Had) Wings
  3. Ataraxia - Aigues Mortes
  4. Engelsstaub - Modlitewnik (Vater Unser)
  5. Whispering Colours - The Secret Of Life
  6. The Parametrics - Listen (Space Mix)
  7. Nosferatu - Close
  8. Empyrean - Will Of Gods (Bunker Mix)
  9. The Garden Of Delight - Spirit Invocation (Black Book Version)
  10. Christian Death - Spectre (Love Is Dead)
  11. The Fatal Impact - Sometimes
  12. Vampire State Building - The Sage (Stut Edit)  [7.01]
  13. Canticum Funebris - Fields In Summer (Part II)
  14. Pyogenesis - Lost In Revery (Accoustic)

Rock Furore CD 11

Various artists
Rock Furore: RFCD-11
Released in August 1994
Packaging: Plastic pouch

  1. The September When - True Love
  2. Merchants Of Venus - Coming For Christine
  3. Bel Canto - Birds Of Passage (Live, Trondheim 1.5.94)
  4. The 3rd & The Mortal - Song (Remix)
  5. Tre Små Kinesere - Så Lenge Det Er Varmt (Demo)
  6. Irie Darlings - African Beauty
  7. Vampire State Building - Body Cold  [4.11]
  8. Origami Teknika - NTR (Pan-Fade)

The CD came with Rock Furore magazine's issue 27, labeled 4/94. They write of the VSB track:

Theater troupe Vampire State Building is here with final proof that they can't play. The song is called "Body Cold" and is made exclusively for Rock Furore. The band played a full tent at this year's Roskilde Festival, and received smiles as well as third-degree burns.

Teatertruppen Vampire State Building kommer her med det endelige beviset på at de ikke kan spille. Låta heter "Body Cold", og er eksklusivt laget for Rock Furore. Bandet spilte for fullstappet telt under årets Roskilde-festival, og oppnådde såvel smil som tredjegradsforbrenninger.

"Body Cold" was released on the nXt EP the next year. Interestingly, the songs after "Body Cold" on the Rock Furore CD and nXt EP both have the same initial opening even though they are different tracks, because "Marchland" samples the first few seconds of Origami Teknika's "NTR."

Progress Yourself

Vampire State Building's page in the compilation

Various artists
Progress Records: PRO 021
Released in 1995
Packaging: Jewelcase

  1. Vampire State Building - Morning Ritual  [4.21]
  2. Funny Farm - Insult to Injury
  3. Cockroach Clan - Concrete Air
  4. Israelvis - Church of Israelvis (remix)
  5. Prime Sinister - Behind my Eyes
  6. Piledriver - A Mouthful of Venus Soda
  7. Art By Machinery - Water
  8. Flugschädel - Holz Puppensubbe
  9. So Much Hate - Last Drop of Fear
  10. Equinox - Time Again
  11. The Jungle Medics - Kill the Bill
  12. Life...But How To Live It? - Thinner

Machine Heads

Various artists
Maxhinehead: Head 6
Released in 1996
Packaging: Jewelcase

  1. Peace Love & Pitbulls - Das Neue Konzept (Hell a Matic remix)
  2. Flugschädel - Malm
  3. H.A.L.O. - Answer to Your Question
  4. Israelvis - Snakebite
  5. Vampire State Building - 1000 Dreams  [4.23]
  6. Killing Joke - Millenium (Back to Orion mix)
  7. Scorn - Badger
  8. Piledriver - I Chase Humidity
  9. Misery Loves Co. - Sonic Attack (Clawfinger remix)
  10. Headcrash - Free Your Mind
  11. Big Fish - Andar i Halsen (recycled)
  12. Inhaler - Speeder
  13. Die Krupps - metalmorphosis
  14. Art By Machinery - Melon (Trip mix)

Writing credits for "1000 Dreams" goes to Ljunggren/Priddy/Varvin.

Heavenly Voices Part Four

Various artists
Hyperium: 39101792
Released in 1996
Packaging: Jewelcase

  1. Claire Voyant - Her
  2. The Breath of Life - Kutna Hora
  3. Stoa - My Inner Labyrinth
  4. La Floa Maldita - Daydreamer
  5. Les Jumeaux - Miracle Road
  6. The Dreamside - This Quest
  7. XVII Vie - Spirit's Skin
  8. Prime Sinister - Air Raid Etiquette (Trixy Remix)
  9. Ataraxia - Flee et Fabian
  10. Edera - The Last Beat of Your Heart
  11. Lida Husik - Now I'm Older, Silver Girl
  12. Heather Nova - Throwing Fire at the Sun (Live)
  13. Vampire State Building - 1000 Dreams  [4.23]
  14. Limborg - Exode

Review for Heavenly Voices Part Four.

Ellediller & Krokofanter

Various artists
Progress Records: PRO 025
Released 14 October 1996
Packaging: Digipack

  1. Racer - Dum & Deilig
  2. Tre Små Kinesere - Matpakkespisevise
  3. Astroburger - Sov Godt
  4. Pogo Pops med Ludvigsen - Kanskje kommer Kongen
  5. Israelvis med Knutsen - Dyrevise
  6. DeLillos - Jeg er en Forhekset Prinsesse
  7. Cockroach Clan - Kenguruvise
  8. Funny Farm - Klomse
  9. Motorpsycho - Syk
  10. Vampire State Building - Måneland  [4.27]
  11. Gartnerlosjen - Byggesketsj
  12. Noodle - Grevling i Taket
  13. Skrømt - Kaptein Knutsen
  14. Poor Rich Ones - Knutsens Drøm

En hyllest til Knutsen og Ludvigsen/A tribute to Knutsen and Ludvigsen, who had a children's show. All songs are written by Øystein Dolmen and Gustav Lorentzen. From the CD:

Ellediller & Krokofanter is about the children's psychedelia of Knutsen and Ludvigsen. On the CD, poppers and rockers interpret songs they sang to when they meant that Christmas was the best day of the year, or to mention what one of them said: "It's good to know that as a child you had good taste in music."

Ellediller & Krokofanter handler om barnespsykedeliaen til Knutsen og Ludvigsen. På CD'en tolker poppere og rockere sanger de nynnet på da de enda mente at julaften var verdens beste dag, eller for å lång noe en av dem sa "det er fint å vite at man også som barn hadde god musikksmak".

Dagbladet's review for the album in Norwegian.

Note Vampire State Building's sample of the drums from Depeche Mode's "Rush."