If you have further information about any of the following, please contact me.


Vampire State Building made videos for "Two Tribes" and "Smalltown Boy." "Two Tribes" was included on the compilation video A Golden Shower from Norway. If you have these videos and are willing to sell or trade copies of them, please contact me. Barring that, a digital file or screenshots would be great.

VSB's Roskilde Festival gig was broadcast on the radio in Scandinavia. A complete recording of it would be very appreciated.

Any Vampire State Building press, in any language, would be great. VSB articles and reviews have appeared in Rock Furore magazine (Norway) and reviews have appeared in Norwegian newspapers. Any further information on these, such as text, scans, or dates of these articles is greatly appreciated. Translations to English would wonderful but not essential.

There was a short write up on VSB in one of the following books: Gothic-Lexikon or Gothic. These books were published in Germany in 2000 or the late '90s. The text from it is included on this site; confirmation on which book it's from is needed.

Any general information on VSB's shows, such as who and what was onstage and what happened, is appreciated. Photos and bootlegs would be wonderful. Any VSB information in general is of course welcomed and appreciated.