Vampire State Building

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Related projects

hc gilje made the Smalltown Boy video and did the light design for their live shows. Post-VSB he has worked with members of the band in various capacities: He worked on the performances videonervous:jammer and Strapfkernerators requiem with Aksel Hagen Tjora, and made videos and did light design for Stig Jakobsen's band The Lonely Crowd.

M@ggie's Love Bytes is a defunct dance group that Vampire State Building members have taken part in and contributed audio and visual bits to, although VSB has not contributed as a group. It is now called Kreutzerkompani.


Vampire State Building members

Official Zeromancer site, current band of Erik Ljunggren.

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Kreutzerkompani is a dance group Erik has contributed music as a solo artist to.

Stig Jakobsen's band Lonely Crowd will release two CDs in 2007 on Karisma Records, consisting of the three EPs from '96-'97 (possibly to be released in March) and a previously unreleased album (due out in September).

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Norsk Black/Ekstrem Metal lists the other bands Jimmy and Lars have been in.

Aksel Hn Tjora was a drummer in VSB.

Aksel's bands: Duper (NRK's page), Skrømt, Cantaloupe, and Ax Troja.

Strapfkernerators Requiem is a musical performance written by Aksel Hagen Tjora and Oivind Klungseth Zahlsen that debuted in 1994. It is a tribute to victims of human rights abuse.

Civil engineer, sociologist, avant garde composer, underground publisher and rocker: An article on Aksel in Norwegian.

Kai Nicolai Priddy, a guitarist in VSB, created and hosts astrology birth chart scripts on the Abacus Free Astrology Services website.

Tumble Wine Films made and distributes two short films Kai acted in: Cowboy Cactus (1997) and People Like Me Like People Like Me (1998).

Stine Varvin is an actress who was a singer in VSB from 1994—1996.

Her entry on Wikipedia.

Torbjørn Ljunggren did the video projections for VSB's shows. He is currently a web designer and webmaster and makes videos.

Kristine Øren was a choreographer and dancer for VSB. She has danced in productions by companies such as Motherboard, Kreutzerkompani, and M@ggie's Love Bytes.

Alex Møklebust sang on "Monotonia." He was formerly in Seigmen and currently is in Zeromancer.

Camilla Fearnley sang backup on "Two Tribes." Her current band is Il Caesar.

Ivar Winther, who played flute on "Two Tribes," currently plays in Snuten and has been in Piledriver and Oslo Motherfuckers.