Other Vampire State Buildings


Searching for Vampire State Building music and information is made difficult by all the other things called Vampire State Building, including five other bands. Here is a listing of musical acts with similar names:

The German band Vampyre State Building existed around the same time. Like Vampire State Building, image was an important part of them, and they drew inspiration from classic sci-fi and horror films and bands like the Misfits, Cramps, and Kiss. Their contributions to the compilations Undercover Volume 2 ("Bette Davis Eyes," 1994) and Rolling Stone New Voices Vol. 15 ("Vampyre State Building," 1997) are often attributed so Vampire State Building. Also see their discography.

In 1969 Vampire State Building released a single, "Barnabas/I'm Bats About You." "Barnabas" appears on the Dark Shadows soundtrack. Dark Shadows is an American soap opera from the '70s.

A one-man ambient/noise band by Nick Olaär called itself Vampire State Building. It's a little known band on a Mexican record label that has releases from the late '90s on. Also see its discography.

A Russian Vampire State Building band.

An American Vampire State Building band.

Performance artists/techno-industrial-EBM band (sound familiar?) V.S.B. uses some of the themes and elements in their shows that Vampire State Building did. The German band is still active and has released an album.

Alcatraz called their debut album Vampire State Building. It's Krautrock from 1971 and has been reissued on CD.

House music artist Kaylyn has a single called "Vampire State Building."

Techno artists Planet B.E.N. & Synchro have together released a single called "Vampire State Building."

Hardcore/punk band Rudimentary Peni has a song called "Vampire State Building" on their Death Church album.


Non-musical Vampire State Building entities include books for young adults called Vampire State Building by Elizabeth Levy and I'm Afraid of the Vampire State Building by P.G. Wollman and M. Feinstein-Feit, and a discontinued and much sought-after shade of nail polish by OPI which is a dark blood red color.