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About the album
"Ameneon" was the first album released on Sony Music. They got the record deal after Sony heard their song "Mesusah", which was on a Rock-Furore CD in 1992. This album came out about a year after its predecessor, "Pluto". And with this album, Seigmen continued playing their gothic, hardcore metal as they did on "Pluto". "Ameneon" is a more mature and powerful album, lyrically as much as musically. This album has some classics as well, like "Simone", "Monsun" and "Mesusah", and those songs are often played live too. Sverre once said that Seigmen should have gone touring outside Norway after releasing this album, instead of later, so they hopefully would have had a better chance to make a bigger name of themselves abroad than they actually did. After this album they changed their style totally.

01: Simone (5:47)
02: Monsun (5:22)
03: Negativ (7:01)
04: Plutonium (4:47)
05: Ameneon (3:16)
06: Korsfarer (3:16)
07: Mesusah (9:01)
08: Ikon (2:58)

Release date
April 1993

Catalogue number
ENS 473 807 2 (Sony)/VG 001 (VOW)