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About the album
"Metropolis" is Seigmen's most successful album to date. It has sold more than 50,000 copies and is more reachable than most of the other albums musically. Still gloomy, but still catchy in a way that they had never done before. The band called "Metropolis" a "necessary mistake" despite its success. "Metropolis" topped the Norwegian charts when it was released. Seigmen released two singles from "Metropolis", the very popular title track and "Slaver Av Solen". Live favorites include "Metropolis", "Nemesis" and "Juvel". The name of the album and the cover are taken from the infamous silent movie "Metropolis" by the German director Fritz Lang from 1928.

01: Metropolis (6:13)
02: Regn (4:16)
03: Slaver Av Solen (4:43)
04: Rød Himmel (3:06)
05: Epilog (3:01)
06: Bayon (5:28)
07: Circus (2:58)
08: Sort Disippel (6:06)
09: Juvel (4:50)
10: Nihil (5:05)
11: Nemesis (11:46)

Release date
October 23, 1995

Catalogue number
ENS 481 210 2 (Sony)