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About the album
"Monument" was Seigmen's farewell album, released right before their goodbye tour in February/March 1999. The band had decided to dissolve the band only months earlier. There are two new songs on this album, which probably would have ended up on the next full-length album; "Frost-Bite" and "Malmklang". The latter is named after a concert venue in Kirkenes in Northern Norway. The album is a good document going chronologically through their career. Starts with the newest songs and ends up with the "Ameneon" and "Pluto" favorites "Mesusah" and "Fra X Til Døden", and also the newcomer "Frost-Bite".

01: Malmklang (4:14)
02: Universal (remix) (3:33)
03: Mørkets Øy (4:25)
04: The Modern End (4:25)
05: Slaver Av Solen (4:25)
06: Metropolis (5:27)
07: Dråben (3:57)
08: Ohm (5:33)
09: In Limbo (5:40)
10: Döderlein (4:33)
11: Hjernen Er Alene (6:35)
12: Mesusah (8:59)
13: Fra X Til Døden (6:58)
14: Frost-Bite (6:08)

Release date
February 8, 1999

Catalogue number
ENS 493 391 2 (Sony)