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About the album
"Pluto" was their debut album and was originally released through their own record label, Ikon, in April 1992. Musically, "Pluto" was something quite different from what was coming out of the Norwegian rock scene at the time, and they got precious attention. The opening track, "Fra X Til Døden", was a live favorite for years and is still a massive classic opus. This album, which some call EP because of its short length, is a metal album and musically rather uneven. The band was obviously pretty young and unexperienced, but this album wouldn't be a reality if it wasn't for their manager, Øystein Ronander, who spent all his money on this project.

01: Fra X Til Døden (6:59)
02: Mono Doomen (3:57)
03: Korstoget (6:21)
04: Skjebnen (2:17)
05: Syndefloden (5:57)

Release date
April 8, 1992

Catalogue number
Ikon cd 001 (Ikon)/ENS 489 998 2 (Sony)