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About the album
"Radiowaves" was the hard follow-up to the massive success "Metropolis", but Seigmen felt that they didn't want to do another "Metropolis" so they did something quite different and changed their style totally on this album. Here you find more synth based songs and for the first time, besides the English version of "Metropolis", "Radiowaves" was the first album they made in English. "Total" is by many fans considered to be one of the best, only competing with "Total". Sadly, the songs from "Radiowaves" have often been tossed aside in favor of older songs live, but some live favorites include "Performance Alpha" and "Universal". "Radiowaves" sold about as much as "Total" but wasn't very popular by the press and got only mediocre reviews, which was very unfair because "Radiowaves" was actually Seigmen's best work since "Total".
The German version of "Radiowaves" includes two bonus songs, being "P-Machinery" (a Propaganda cover) and a remix "Give", orginally to be found on The Grandmaster Recordings.

01: Performance Alpha (4:42)
02: The World Revolves Around You (5:16)
03: Universal (4:56)
04: The Modern End (4:38)
05: Bloodprint (5:10)
06: Neon Sun (4:38)
07: Guilt (5:00)
08: Trampoline (6:09)
09: Mercurial (6:43)
10: Performance Bravo (7:23)

Release date
September 16, 1997

Catalogue number
ENS 488 965 2 (Sony)