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About the album
"Total" is by most fans considered to be Seigmen's masterpiece and has become a legendary album. It is also the band's favorite album and many of its songs have been played live frequently. Audience favorites include "Döderlein", "Ohm" and "Lament". "Total" was released in October 1994, a year and a half after the predecessor "Ameneon" and is a totally different album musically. While "Ameneon" is a lot more metal oriented, this album more melodic but still pretty gloomy. The whole album was recorded in only a couple of weeks time and they hired Sylvia Massy to do the producing job. They could only offer a quarter of the prize that she demanded, but still she accepted the offer. The booklet says that the album is "Dedikert til Tyra" ("Dedicated to Tyra"), and Tyra is Sverre's daughter. "Total" was also released as a very limited double CD, including the breakthrough track "Hjernen Er Alene" on the second CD. "Total" sold approximately 20,000 copies at the time.

01: Colosseum (7:44)
02: Ohm (5:29)
03: In Limbo (5:42)
04: Döderlein (5:44)
05: Sort Tulipan (6:00)
06: Lament (4:26)
07: Fortell (4:32)
08: Nephilia (7:42)
09: Monument (4:54)
10: Pantheon (5:40)

Release date
October 21, 1994

Catalogue number
ENS 478 031 2 (Sony)/VE 002 (VOW)